The Flavor of Fun.™

Our History: A Passion for Flavor

It began more than 70 years ago with our founder’s passion
for blending the purest spices and the freshest ingredients
(absolutely no cheating fillers allowed!). The result? Our original
chili mix sold in small brown bags to the delight of chili lovers.

Today, Williams® offers a whole lot more than just great
chili fixin’s, because we love making it easy for anyone
to create scrumptious meals with the most delicious
flavors. So go ahead: fix fiery taco and chili dishes fast.
Prepare savory, home-style soups, zesty appetizers
and out-of-this-world entrées in a snap. Williams®
Seasoning Mixes blend the finest ingredients to
make it simply fun to quickly prepare the
most flavorful meals.